The Eden Template Activation

Embody The Eden Template

The Eden Template Activation is not so much an activation as it is a remembrance of your original soul template or blueprint. It is an awakening to the awareness of who you are as a Soul. The activation itself is a quickening that assists you in remembering this and stabilize that remembrance in your auric field and body so you begin to function quantumly in Unity Consciousness.

One of the "core" healings that occurs during the transmission is healing the trauma of separation from Source, that all of us feel.

This is not something that can be "given" to you. It is already a part of you as your birthright, it's just sleeping outside of your conscious awareness. The template is fully integrated and stabilized in usS which evokes a resonance within you and assists its quickening in you during the transmission..

As such, Eden is not a place, it is a state of quantum multi-dimensional consciousness where every moment is new and flowing with the exquisite energies of creation.

The Eden Template Activation is offered through regularly scheduled in-person and online calls and one-on-one sessions. Additionally, I'm always delighted to come speak with your group or organization and offer the activation as part of a presentation / conversation.

Since receiving the transmission to be able to share The Eden Activation it has expanded into a full multi-dimensional alignment and fine tuning of the central Embodiment-Ascension column in the spine, DNA strand expansion into Diamond DNA and light & sound frequency modulations and their overtones. The expansion is ongoing and it will always continue to be fresh and new.

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I have had a couple of Sessions with David over the past few months, and I am astounded by the clarity of Vision & the degree of Accuracy he has effortlessly shown each time.

Not too many people have been able to "perceive" what I, as a Galactic Being embodying, require to assist in my journey of Awakening. David has demonstrated, without a doubt, his capacities / abilities to reach into the quantum realms and assist me in clearing what has been in the way of that for me.

Bless you David for Being!

Jude R

David Maria is living by example of moving into reconciliation and embodied unity consciousness. He offers an experiential framework for energetic restoration, The Eden Template.

Althea Provost,

I want to share this being of Divine Love, David Maria, and his work. I have done a past life regression/integration with him and this journey to the opening of The Eden Template within. The generosity of Spirit, his heart, his inner union, humbles me and also opens me up as the healing integration journey work is done. I haven't worked often with a masculine guide, but where I needed to go to transmute energy that stood in the way of coming home to my heart, my womb, my soul, I felt a space of honour in the gentle neutrality of his witness, creating sacred space. In other words, I felt so safe. His inner sacred feminine (men, you all have one) brought me closer to mine and in turn, the capacity to be there for my inner sacred masculine (women, you all have one) and inner child. Another sacred step in the New Garden, coming together in Divine Union. Thank you again and again, David.

Susanne R

It's not often in life will you experience a David Maria. He?™s a compassionate and clear gentle soul. Recently I was fortunate to receive the Eden Template Activation. It's very difficult to describe what happened to me except to say that immediately during and after the transmission I returned to my heart and divine home, lost all fear of death, and watched my old life patterns begin to melt away with the new light I received. Thank you.

Ramsay M.

The Eden Template Activation is a powerful activation that returns you to your original Soul Template. It fully activates and clears your kundalini column or Ascension Column from your Eden Star through to your Crown Chakra while simultaneously connecting you to the crystal at the centre of Gaia and Source. All distortions are cleared in all your energy fields. The power of this activation is really beyond words and needs to be experienced. It is a shamanic, interstellar, cosmic cleanse returning you to crystalline clarity so you can embody your original Soul template! What an incredible gift! David's voice alone is an activation imparting mutlidimensional healing and alignment. David thank you so much to you and all who brought this gift to Humanity. Forever grateful!

Miranda W.

I awoke early this morning and felt like putting on a meditation to fall back asleep to and wondering which one I should listen to when I heard ?œThe Eden Template?? I?™m not sure what all happened during the transmission as your words became a distant murmur, and at the end of it I was standing there somewhat golden and shimmering when golden wings emerged from my back. The next image was of me looking normal again and my hands putting a lid on two green colored cups that held all of what just happened inside of them. And as I was doing that I heard "I have all that I need" and this image of blocks with multiple lines of coded color appeared that seemed to go on endlessly through space. I was then handed this very human looking color in a nail color bottle and heard "the color of Janeen".

Janeen S.

What a difference in my energy fields I've noticed since the transmission. It is a really profound. It feels as though it is greeting each new layer of whatever comes up to be balanced, and just gently helps it recalibrate. It's like a spring of immaculately balanced energy, flowing in a spiral up the middle of my being and then cascading down in a toroidal fashion from the top to the bottom below me, and then back up again. Every time I connect with this place, no matter where I am, I feel myself rebalance, like my whole being resets and recalibrates back into a perfect state of being.

Brian M.

One week on following The Eden Template activation...the inner silence and spaciousness has been profound and deeply healing - a powerful experience of BE-ing. Infinite gratitude for this transmission.

Lorna S.

I am experiencing profound levels of awareness. Yesterday I received countless opportunities where this pure divine guided energy poured through, clearing, resolving & fully dissolving what was being shown to me as patterns of no use, attachments. Every moment began to fill like a breath of fresh air. Like yes! Taking in life in a new way. Grounding my energy on the cold wet grass in the dark of night felt amazing! Sleep was deep and full of dreams & downloads to tap into. Definitely feeling some big magic.

Tammy C.

I really sensed a change after the transmission. In fact my whole energetic field has shifted! Still integrating for sure. I had such powerful visuals of the crystalline architecture unfolding.

Huw M.

What a wonderful experience. Feel Blessed! Feel calm and at peace. A stillness I have never experienced before.

Josiane T.

I felt a lot of fantastic Energies during the Transmission and I have “died” before during my Shamanic training but this time I AM really feeling reborn! So happy and peaceful. I got that message that this is my new way in Life!

Cecilia S.

Very powerful Transmission?¦I was wide awake for hours afterwards even though it was bed time?¦really felt the crystalline spine and bones?¦When I woke during the night I could feel energy moving through me still and vibrating in my cells and was also aware of the tip of my spine today and Eden. Thanks so much.

Mary O.

Are there ever enough words to truly express the depth of this. I definitely felt...sensed...remembered...the resonance of this Transmission. It feels like I’ve been calling to this all my life?¦and the lead up to this transmission has been full innate preparation. Spent the day laying in the sun feet on ground, enjoying our garden. I immediately became aware of all those areas of self limitations/attachments that I saw dissolve into the earth. My whole body is vibrating differently. My awareness is definitely different. I’m not experiencing the usual sensitivities to certain scenarios.

Tammy C.