History of The Eden Template & the Prayer Vigil

Diamond Consciousness

The history of The Eden Template is older than time itself. It predates all human history because it IS the template or code for creation itself, the blueprint for your Soul at the instant of it's creation.

The Eden Template is a crystalline seed that when received and activated within your heart, begins to grow and expand. And like all seeds, once planted, their continued expansion and growth depends on whether or not they are nourished. A seed in the ground needs light, warmth, good soil, water, weeding, etc. in order to grow, and it is the same with the Eden Template. Once you receive it, it requires you to nourish it in the same way.

Historically Mount Kenya, Kirinyaga, is the location of what we know as the Garden of Eden, and since time immemorial seers, prophets, saints, initiates, and pharaohs have journeyed there as pilgrims to receive the blessings of the mountain. This would include all of the pre-dynastic kings, queens, pharaohs and initiatory candidates from the mystery schools of Atlantis and Egypt, and all of the biblical prophets and seers, including Abraham, Moses, Isiah, Ezekiel, Yeshua (Jesus), Mohammed, and others too numerous to list.

Prayer VigilUpon arriving they would enter into the mountain after performing purification ceremonies, including a 40 day fast, and were dimensionally shifted, and given a series of three herbal compounds. The first compound put the physical body into a coma, the second transformed the consciousness of the person, and the third revived the body again, completely transformed. This ritual is still performed to this day.

When the British invaded Africa and Kenya, one of the first things they did, after imposing their religion on the people, was to ban the prayer walk around Mount Kenya. In 1935 Samuel Kamitha's father began working to allow it to happen again, and it took until 2008 for it to again be legal for people to go to the mountain to pray. Now it is a yearly celebration on December 27th and all are welcome to come and offer their prayers. It is my deep wish that if you feel called, that you also will answer that call and come and offer your prayers for the transformation of yourself and of humanity.

Currently the transmission of the Eden Template is available for anyone who is ready to step into quantum consciousness. Most people are not ready to embrace its signature frequency and embody it in themselves, yet many are now beginning to awaken and are ready.

Once it is activated within you, it will bring you into the truth of this Now Moment, which is a quantum moment, and you step into Diamond Multidimensional Quantum consciousness.