History of The Eden Template

Diamond Consciousness

The history of The Eden Template is older than time itself. It predates all human history because it IS the template or code for creation itself, the blueprint for your Soul at the instant of it's creation. The activation of the template is not something that can be offered by a single individual, including myself. First nation peoples from around the globe have always carried this knowledge and individuals within all cultures have carried it across endless generations. There are many whom I count as my closest friends who embody the Eden Template and are able to share and activate it within others.

Currently the transmission of the Eden Template is available for anyone who is ready to step into quantum consciousness. Most people are not ready to embrace its signature frequency and embody it in themselves, yet many are now beginning to awaken and are ready, for once it is activated, it will bring you into the truth of this Now Moment, which is a quantum moment, and you step into Diamond Quantum consciousness.