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David Maria is one of the most authentic and wise Beings I have met. His care for friends, students, humanity and Gaia runs deep.
Some call him a “Great Seer,” others call him a “True Master........He is both.

Maureen Moss, Author, Consciousness Teacher,

David Maria is living by example of moving into reconciliation and embodied unity consciousness. He offers an experiential framework for energetic restoration, The Eden Template.

Althea Provost,

I want to share this being of Divine Love, David Maria, and his work. I have done a past life regression/integration with him and this journey to the opening of The Eden Template within. The generosity of Spirit, his heart, his inner union, humbles me and also opens me up as the healing integration journey work is done. I haven't worked often with a masculine guide, but where I needed to go to transmute energy that stood in the way of coming home to my heart, my womb, my soul, I felt a space of honour in the gentle neutrality of his witness, creating sacred space. In other words, I felt so safe. His inner sacred feminine (men, you all have one) brought me closer to mine and in turn, the capacity to be there for my inner sacred masculine (women, you all have one) and inner child. Another sacred step in the New Garden, coming together in Divine Union. Thank you again and again, David.

Susanne R

It's not often in life will you experience a David Maria. He?™s a compassionate and clear gentle soul. Recently I was fortunate to receive the Eden Template Activation. It's very difficult to describe what happened to me except to say that immediately during and after the transmission I returned to my heart and divine home., lost all fear of death, and watched my life patterns begin to melt away with the new light I received. Thank you.

Ramsay M.

The Eden Template Activation is a powerful activation that returns you to your original Soul Template. It fully activates and clears your kundalini column or Ascension Column from your Eden Star through to your Crown Chakra while simultaneously connecting you to the crystal at the centre of Gaia and Source. All distortions are cleared in all your energy fields. The power of this activation is really beyond words and needs to be experienced. It is a shamanic, interstellar, cosmic cleanse returning you to crystalline clarity so you can embody your original Soul template! What an incredible gift! David's voice alone is an activation imparting mutlidimensional healing and alignment. David thank you so much to you and all who brought this gift to Humanity. Forever grateful!

Miranda W.

David Maria is truly a gift as is the Eden Template. He offers insightful meditations, and life-changing guidance for how to clear pain, lack, fear and other blockages. I became aware of, and healed a number of personal issues that were impeding my ability to share my gifts. He resonates at such a high level, I know that I deeply felt a shift. I am truly grateful to have met this amazing master and appreciate the time I spent with David at a 2-day intensive retreat and a one-on-one session.

Pamela G.

I awoke early this morning and felt like putting on a meditation to fall back asleep to and wondering which one I should listen to when I heard ?śThe Eden Template?? I?™m not sure what all happened during the transmission as your words became a distant murmur, and at the end of it I was standing there somewhat golden and shimmering when golden wings emerged from my back. The next image was of me looking normal again and my hands putting a lid on two green colored cups that held all of what just happened inside of them. And as I was doing that I heard "I have all that I need" and this image of blocks with multiple lines of coded color appeared that seemed to go on endlessly through space. I was then handed this very human looking color in a nail color bottle and heard "the color of Janeen".

Janeen S.

What a difference in my energy fields I've noticed since the transmission. It is a really profound. It feels as though it is greeting each new layer of whatever comes up to be balanced, and just gently helps it recalibrate. It's like a spring of immaculately balanced energy, flowing in a spiral up the middle of my being and then cascading down in a toroidal fashion from the top to the bottom below me, and then back up again. Every time I connect with this place, no matter where I am, I feel myself rebalance, like my whole being resets and recalibrates back into a perfect state of being.

Brian M.

One week on following The Eden Template activation...the inner silence and spaciousness has been profound and deeply healing - a powerful experience of BE-ing. Infinite gratitude for this transmission.

Lorna S.

I am experiencing profound levels of awareness. Yesterday I received countless opportunities where this pure divine guided energy poured through, clearing, resolving & fully dissolving what was being shown to me as patterns of no use, attachments. Every moment began to fill like a breath of fresh air. Like yes! Taking in life in a new way. Grounding my energy on the cold wet grass in the dark of night felt amazing! Sleep was deep and full of dreams & downloads to tap into. Definitely feeling some big magic.

Tammy C.

I really sensed a change after the transmission. In fact my whole energetic field has shifted! Still integrating for sure. I had such powerful visuals of the crystalline architecture unfolding.

Huw M.

What a wonderful experience. Feel Blessed! Feel calm and at peace. A stillness I have never experienced before.

Josiane T.

I felt a lot of fantastic Energies during the Transmission and I have “died” before during my Shamanic training but this time I AM really feeling reborn! So happy and peaceful. I got that message that this is my new way in Life!

Cecilia S.

Very powerful Transmission, I was wide awake for hours afterwards even though it was bed time?¦really felt the crystalline spine and bones, When I woke during the night I could feel energy moving through me still and vibrating in my cells and was also aware of the tip of my spine today and Eden. Thanks so much.

Mary O.

Are there ever enough words to truly express the depth of this. I definitely felt...sensed...remembered...the resonance of this Transmission. It feels like I’ve been calling to this all my life?¦and the lead up to this transmission has been full innate preparation. Spent the day laying in the sun feet on ground, enjoying our garden. I immediately became aware of all those areas of self limitations/attachments that I saw dissolve into the earth. My whole body is vibrating differently. My awareness is definitely different. I’m not experiencing the usual sensitivities to certain scenarios.

Tammy C.

One-on-One Session Testimonials

We are each beautiful prisms of Diamond light, radiating out through the lens of our facets. This is the time when we can wipe those lens clean in order that the undistorted light of our soul's blueprint can finally shine through.

David Maria's work is for everyone. The only requirement is to be ready to look in curiosity at what's on those panes of the prism. My intention was to remove anything impairing my soul mission and that's exactly what came up in two ancient timelines. My 'responsibility' gene is a very old one involving the Hopi nation, from when we first came up from the earth. And another that dealt with a very subtle layer fear of being seen

No matter your unique experience, you will be different. You will respond to life differently. The world changes when we do. Book a session when you're ready to be Free.

Wanda Vitale, The Empowered Empaths

In addition to the usual abilities of a light energy worker of his caliber, David Maria is also a rare "Dark Healer", who can assist in the reconnection, reconciliation and relationship with the "Beautiful Dark" that is so needed now. Prior to a session with David, I did not let anyone work with my energy or form other than my own soul/team: no energy work, activations, "healing" or downloads from any other source.

As David and I connected, I saw lines and lineages from so many dimensional/galactic places that were available to flow through him, and I understood why I had made this exception. He is uniquely wired to bring through, in neutrality, many dimensional spectrums of light that he "dials in" and aligns for the unique being he is working with. He zeroed in on a strange physical bone anomaly in my chest that I have carried in this form all of its life. I could feel and "see" him following a line of energy from it to an origin beyond this incarnation, beyond dimensional space and time. He removed an ancient piece of etheric technology that had embedded and followed me since my first travels to Earth, even before form. After this experience my ability to adjust frequency in my physical form, access my multidimensionality and do my work in all spectrums of light improved dramatically. The often painful physical malformation in my bone, that doctors have never been able to explain, disappeared and has not returned.

Ariane St. Claire

I am in the midst of a major Life-Reinvention. And I knew that what was impeding, the radical transformation that I was aiming for...was a huge, ancient blockage.

David Maria very quickly guided me to detect:
-What exactly it was (the nature of this blockage)
-Where it was located (in my throat)
-Which was its origin (many scenes from this and past lives ran through my memory) and
-What was the effect that this blockage excreted in limiting my fullest life's expression.

With this important awareness, David masterfully guided me through a shamanic process to totally dissolve this blockage.
It is gone for good! I am free forever! And I am sooo grateful to David Maria for guiding me in this huge, game-changer liberation! Gracias!

Dr. Amore Vera Aida, Mount Shasta, CA

I have had a couple of Sessions with David over the past few months, and I am astounded by the clarity of Vision & the degree of accuracy he has effortlessly shown each time. Not too many people have been able to "perceive" what I, as a Galactic Being embodying, require to assist in my journey of Awakening. David has demonstrated, without a doubt, his capacities / abilities to reach into the quantum realms and assist me in clearing what has been in the way of that for me. Bless you David for Being!

Jude R

My sessions with David have been highly powerful and transformational. David is a talented and gifted channel and multi dimensional facilitator and held the most divine beautiful sacred space and his transmissions blew me away. During my sessions with David, I've experienced huge shifts to a higher level of power and divinity and felt lighter, including developing a deeper more beautiful connection to Source and receiving those frequencies. David embodies his work and everything he teaches and delivers this with grace and love.

Crystalline G

I HIGHLY recommend David Maria's Soul Template Alignment sessions. David's warm, grounded, and calming energy creates a safe space to guide you through whatever needs to be discovered and released. I have never experienced past life work done in such a gentle and effective manner. I've seen for myself the deep and profound change these sessions can facilitate and am truly grateful for his service.

Shelley Young, Trinity Esoterics

I wanted to tell you the phenomenal changes I've seen in my child since our sessions. When I went home for Christmas, they really didn't want to hear the details of their past lives. I just accepted that as a sign that they wasn't going to attach to those old stories and was ready to let them go. I found they were MUCH lighter and even their environment had changed considerably and they've has found a new love that is clearly a very strong soul connection, which is absolutely wonderful. Come January, they suddenly had a really profound spiritual awakening and has come forward in leaps and bounds. They've gotten their reiki certification and is in that spongy learning stage that is so fun. My goodness, they have even been able to send healing to me that's been super effective on more than one occasion! They sent me a picture on Valentine's day and was wearing soft pink! You have no idea what that represents. This child has lived in an all black wardrobe for years. If that doesn't speak to the shift she has made, I don't know what does. lol They are eating clean, working out, and doing so much better emotionally. Thank you so so much for all you have done for her, and for us. It's a joy to see where they are right now and to watch this wonderful unfolding. We are so grateful.


David is a divine masculine stabilizing force. He holds a pristine energetic container for high level healing to occur. Through his pure channel flows all that is needed in the moment. Before our session, I had the wobbles yet David was able to stabilise my field within minutes of us connecting, and shed light on specific chakras that needed attention and energetic clearing, while simultaneously bringing through the next steps of my journey that wanted to be anchored into my awareness. Ultimately, from his own impeccable embodied presence, David is able to hold space for your own embodiment to unfold organically. I am so grateful to have connected at the perfect time in my own unfoldment. Thank you David!

Henrietta E.

David understands the awakening and aligning of soul?™s as they journey back to Eden?™s original bountiful, fearless fields of joy, playgrounds of the light lords. Working with him is an exquisitely tender, loving space of gratitude, to bring ourselves to the eternal world of ?śgood??and holding it instant by instant in the eternal ?śNow??that is all that time has ever been, or ever will be. Give yourself to the presence of love, aligning your journey with the Joy and love that David brings to help you on your way.

Elise H.

I recently had a session with David Maria and I highly recommend this experience to you all. Reach out to him for a session if you haven't already. For me, he was spot on and identified some things that were immensely helpful for my journey and for some inner healing. Thank you, David!

Cottonwood S.

Going into the session with David I could feel my resistance to allowing anyone in or hearing anything I was not already aware of, yet his gifts are so vast and remarkable I felt him right away upon connecting. When I agreed to the call, my third eye began pulsating and expanding and I began to feel a sense of euphoria as well as a bit of numbing, grogginess. My mind stopped processing thoughts and slowed down to a pace of just observing the beauty of the world around me as I tapped into David's voice.

Initially David identified a physical area where I have carried significant pain since my awakening in 2009 and has gotten exceptionally worse since the birth of my daughter in 2015. As we felt into it I immediately recognized this as a physical manifestation of my fear of birthing myself into a new world, into a new paradigm of living, Fluorescent oranges, pinks, and yellows emanated from out of my womb. Showers of golden glistening lights poured from this birthing space releasing all the fears, pain, trauma of generations of women birthing into uncertain worlds, and uncertain times. Suddenly the golden colors spiraled into a swirl and shot up into the ethers where a explosion occurred and a shower of rainbow fragmented white lights fell all over my physical body.

David's healing modality works on a multidimensional level and felt as though the healing energies took around 3 days to fully integrate. Knowing the information and experience shared with David has amplified my daily embodiment practices and solidified my pursuit to allow my authentic whole self to fully expand within my vessel. I cannot recommend David highly enough, he is a whole new level of healer / wholer here to shift reality back to it's divinity

Phoenix Nichol

Half an hour prior to our session, my ex called me; we hadn't spoken in over a month and I'd decided to make that a permanent change. When I saw his name on my phone, I panicked because since clearing him out, so many amazing things have come to pass and I was afraid of getting sucked back in. So when I called David, he didn't know that had transpired, but what he did know was my solar plexus, heart and throat needed immediate attention. And so the work began. Half an hour later, I was a puddle of tears and then peace spread throughout my being. I could go on and describe in detail what occurred, but it would just be more beneficial to have your own session with David. Mind. Blown. Thank you, David.

Rachel N.

When my session with David began I felt like my heart chakra was blocked. He noticed there was going on in my lower abdomen area and traced it back to my throat and saw it was an energetic attachment. I had no idea it was there, yet together we worked on it, pulled it out, let it go, and set it free.

I had been having throat chakra issues and prior to our session had not mentioned it to David. Attempting to clear it I had been to Reiki, yoga, meditation, seen a Shaman, and western medicine, and even had my thyroid removed. Still, I had a hard time using my voice. During the session, after we released the energy that was holding my voice down, I could see my starseed soul, my higher Self, behind the veil and behind the body. I got a glimpse of my true soul essence and she was graceful, kind, and had a majestic power to her that was ruled not by power, but by love, peace, and understanding. Thank you David for being the container to assist me in my healing journey. It’s allowed me to step more into who I really am and answer the call to carry out my life’s work: to help and inspire others.

Song A.

I?™ve known David for a few years now, so I knew what a powerful being he is. His voice is a transmission in itself. And still, I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy that was flowing through my body during our session. David helped me to clear some particular incidents that had been repeated throughout my family lineage for many many generations. It was very clear during the session that a part of my souls plan was to be the one to end this particular pattern. At the end of the session I just felt so giddy. I wanted to get up and dance around the room. I hadn?™t felt that light and unburdened for a very long time.

Christine P.

I recently had a session with David that was pretty amazing. We began with noticing a lot of energy in my solar plexus. There was a little girl who wanted to be noticed but she was stuck in tar. With David?™s toning and offering her love, he was able to free her, break up the tar and she started doing the Irish jig happy to be free. David said she was a part of me from a past life that had got stuck. She was sent to the light with Archangel Gabriel. We then filled that space with lots of light (marshmallow light packs :-). A crystal rod was set inside my spinal column and as this occurred I felt something in the back of my neck, which David identified as an implant (it felt masculine and not nice). It was also balled up and sent to Source with some toning. When that occurred the back of my neck that was very tight felt at ease and loose. At the end of my session I just felt so light! I highly recommend David as he holds a strong container of love! Thank you David for a great session.

Neda M.

I am grateful for the great loving presence and skillful facilitation that David Maria held and executed during a recent group healing of his that I had the pleasure of attending, as well as during a one on one session I experienced with him prior to that. In the group session David led us through a process of first grounding our energies, then connecting all the way up through the cosmos to the I AM presence. He then led us through a process of locating and removing energetic blockages held in our bodies and energy fields. After this he led us all through a process of infusing our toroidal energy fields with a silver crystalline energy to replace what we had cleared out. Awesome. During the one on one session David located an energetic blockage in my back and legs and led me through a process of infusing my fields with a golden energy that left me feeling quite fantastic. We are all doing our work and it is great to have help in the journey. I cannot more highly recommend the facilitation offered by David Maria to anyone who is interested in either individual or group healing processes. Thank you David, very grateful.

Brian M.

I had an incredible session with David and was able to tap into an ancient memory which directly relates to feelings of guilt in my present experience. I have been noticing greater clarity and less anxiety around certain circumstances in my life ever since, so I am profoundly grateful for this clearing. Very powerful, and highly recommended!

Melissa L.

My recent session with David involved the removal of negative energies that had been entrenched in my field for eons. In my physical body the presence and the holding of these energies had affected my breathing and the physical structure of my rib cage. I had been holding my breath and always ?śwaiting for the other shoe to drop?? The energy was representative of lifetimes of taking on people?™s stuff. Being the savior, rescuer, healer, protector, the martyr. What a relief I felt after removing all that from my body and my field. I was able to breathe fully into my body and feel entirely present there. I laughed and laughed. Afterwards my chest and rib cage had changed physical appearance and the area felt much softer and relaxed.

Throughout the session I felt entirely safe with David. He took plenty of time to ensure we were well grounded before we started and that we were well-connected with each other. David was thorough when it came to the process of identifying, and eventually carefully removing and clearing, the unwanted energies. His deep toning helped me immensely with the extraction and removal.

David was also extremely thorough when it came to the vacuum in my energetic body caused by the removal. He helped me to bring in high vibrational energy to fill the spaces and then to infuse my cells with it. Ultimately filling up and becoming surrounded and at one this beautiful energy. I was very impressed with David?™s guidance and grateful for the time this took. This part is so important!

Once we got underway it felt to me as though David and I were operating as one throughout the session. He was thorough and confident and reassuring. It felt as though we were sitting next to each other.

I?™m extremely grateful to David for providing me with this opportunity and I look forward very much to working with him again soon.

Brian J.

I just had a session with David Maria and it was truly amazing. He supported me in going directly to a core emotional issue that wanted to be released and guided me to let go of it in a shockingly short period of time. We isolated the lifetime where it originated and rewrote the script?”something I did not know was possible?”and based on an earlier session I had with him, I know I am going to feel profoundly different afterward, lighter and freer and more in the present. Thank you so much, David, for sharing your incredible gift!

Thea S.

My session with David brought forth the strands of the tethered dream. I watched as they detached and faded away. Truly a remarkable instrument, David?™s voice guided me to the remembrance of a space I had forgotten. I am in deep appreciation for his time and his gift.

Janeen S.

My session with David was an transformative experience. He was able to assist me in moving dense energy that was stuck in my body, and had been nudging me to pay attention to it for a while now. He was able to help me locate the distortion behind that dense energy and lift it. He is a wonderful guide who will help you in your healing process, holding space for you to feel safe and protected. Thank you David for being who you are in the world. Much gratitude and love to you.

Ansuya R.

David gently holds a compassionate space during a personal session for you to examine anything that feels out of alignment. He skillfully guides you through a process, and while this is not easy or effortless, you feel safe, knowing that he provides a supportive, very loving presence for you as you bring unloved, unseen parts of yourself to the light to be accepted and integrated. There is the feeling of time suspended as you move through releasing old wounding, some you weren't even aware of. Yet things shift remarkably quickly. You leave the session feeling so much lighter, and deeply at peace.

Also recommended are David's revelatory Completion of Soul Circuitry Initiation, and the Eden Template Activations. It is remarkable to experience the sacredness of who you are during these processes.

Lori K.