Diamond Rose Template Embodiment

Mount Shasta Retreat

July 8-13, 2024

Join Viivika Sophia and David Maria in beautiful Mount Shasta, CA July 8th through July 13th
and remember who you are.
Join us to feel your deepest truths and connect deeper with your heart.

Mount Shasta and The Eden Template
Water is Life!

Water is everywhere, including in deep space.  All living beings, from the smallest to the largest, need water to survive. Without water, life as we know it could not exist. Life exists wherever there is water.

Our body is mostly made up of water, we drink water, bathe in water, and we cannot go without water for long. No living thing can grow without water. Water is the most important element on our planet, which at the same time it is impacting the entire planetary ecosystem. In many indigenous cultures, water was always used in initiatory rites to open and seal them in the body.

The Earth's magnetosphere and the Solar System's heliosphere magnetic field changes cause cosmic plasma rays to enter our solar system. As the inner light of the Holy Water of Christos Sophia has returned to bless our Earth, the waters of our planet are changing. In preparation for a collective rebirth, all polarities are merging, including all the elements, combining with the elements of Holy Fire and Holy Water, they become unified Firewater.

The sun's plasma energies coming to us turn regular water into hexagonal water, a liquid-crystalline state that benefits from water molecules collectively working together. Hexagonal water has abundant energy that easily supercharges our cells to perform their basic biological processes, boost our immune system, and activate our light body in new ways.

In this retreat we are deeply reminded of our connection to Holy Water both in the womb of Mother Earth and in our bodies, reclaiming ourselves as a Divine Child. In this way, we can experience again the Grace of our Divine parents within our True heart. As we begin to remember the true meaning of Divine Love, we will blossom. Our heart as well as our whole body will open like a Cosmic Rose.

We Are the Creators of Our Lives
We ARE the Life That Flows Through Us.

The Holy Mother and Holy Father are united in the breath of the Cosmic Rose, whose light stream contains the combination of the united Holy Fire and Water, the Holy Firewater.

The Divine Firewater within us unites the inner masculine and feminine energies at a very deep level. The sacred Firewater is now awakening in our blood, our body, and the body of Gaia. The firewater in our bodies and on Gaia bring through the perfected Christos-Sophia, the Diamond Rose template. The song of the Holy Mother breathes the light of the Holy Spirit and the Rose Codes. It allows us to begin to remember and experience ourselves and others as Universal Unconditional Love.

Our heart becomes a Diamond Rose Heart, and the more we love our Holy Mother Sophia with all our Diamond Rose Hearts, the more our inner temple opens, revealing the eternal wisdom of the Divine Kingdom and Christos-Sophia.

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Release the old paradigm of separation and access Zero-point energy
  • Release distortions that block your body, Heart, and mind
  • Shift your hearts magnetics and awaken your Diamond heart and Diamond DNA, by activating new DNA codes and tones
  • Activate and embody your original Heart Tone in your Diamond heart, which creates a perfect resonance with the heart of all creation, with the heart of our Holy Mother
  • Embody sacred waters and sacred solar fire
  • Learn about the sacred fire water element and its alchemy
  • Unify masculine/feminine on a deeper level. We will activate Sophianic codes and Christ codes. The Sophianic Codes and Christ Codes work together as part of the Hieros Gamos and Sacred Marriage, which is the merging of the light and sound fields to unite these currents.
  • Connect to the womb of Gaia and Cosmic womb of Divine Mother
  • Connect with the infinite breath of the Creator ~ Rose breath within your Diamond Heart
  • Embody union with the I AM Presence and know your true self as Divine Love.

The Diamond Heart holds inside its secret chamber the Diamond Rose, which contains the essence of Sophianic wisdom which opens and blossoms from the Divine Love created in the sacred union between the Masculine and Feminine principles. Universal love exists when the gender principles (feminine and masculine) are in complete balance. The Diamond Rose Heart blossoms through the Diamond Sun body and is capable of carrying consciousness into physical, ethereal and pre-matter states.

Diamond Heart

We can encode and change the structure of water in our physical and planetary bodies. This is called the quantum resonance when we consciously encode or bless water and then this coded and blessed water is placed in larger bodies of water such as lakes or rivers, where these codes instantly spread to all bodies of water.

There is continuous communication between us and the planetary body, through water. Due to the evolution of humanity, both our planetary body and its bodies of water, as well as our bodies and the water in our bodies, have become more crystalline.

Firewater is a Conduit to Higher Consciousness.

Our mother earth, Gaia Sophia, is undergoing a transformation where she is becoming a Diamond Sun. The Presence of the Holy Mother shines through the diamond sun. Many who have chosen to remain here on Gaia and go through the Ascension-Embodiment are currently going through the process of embodying the Solar Diamond Body. Due to the changes in our body and the body of Gaia, all the elements also change.

Scientists have discovered that in addition to the three known phases of water: liquid, gas, and solid, there is now also a fourth phase, the "liquid crystal" and it is created when water molecules come into contact with light.

Our light body is a biological liquid crystal. As our light body activates, the water in our body also becomes crystalline.

As we activate and expand our consciousness, the liquid crystal that we are at our core merges with pure Divine love, transforming us into Divine co-creators, united with the infinite Source of love within our Diamond Heart.

The song Holy Mother Sophia sings to her children transmits the divine fire water through the holy sound plasma fields, transforming and uniting the various elements in our body. For example, fire and water become a united element again - firewater. Holy Mother's Solar Firewater and the Etheric Elements cleanse our physical form, blood, soul, and the various distortions stored in our cellular memory until our Holy Mother's Divine Waters are fully transmuted and permeated into our entire being and planetary body, Gaia.

Join Viivika Sophia and David Maria for Sacred Water Ceremonies in beautiful Mount Shasta from July 8-13.

Celebrating the emergence of this new element (and soon to be others) and its embodiment in us and all of the Sacred Waters of Mount Shasta, the embodiment of the Diamond Rose Heart as our inner feminine and masculine fully merge in us.

Each day will be filled with joyful ceremony, great food, and ever deeping Soul connections as we journey deeper in our ascension embodiment.
Mount Shasta and The Eden Template


Arrival: Please arrive by Sunday July 7th. We will gather at Sission Meadows at 7:00 pm for a Meet and Greet introduction and to finalize your registration.

Getting There: Nearest Airports: The nearest airports to Mount Shasta are Medford, OR and Redding, CA. Both are full service airports with car rentals available.

Accommodations: You are responsible for your own lodging and transportation. We have linked all the motels and restaurants in Mount Shasta below. It is our deep prayer that your time in Shasta is relaxing and conducive to the integration of your process here.

Please reserve your hotel early. Shasta can be busy in the summer and hotels fill up..


Mount Shasta Air BnB »

Mount Shasta Motels »

Our Favorite Motels:

Shasta motels run from $100 - $225, depending on the accommodation you wish.

Shasta Inn 1121 S Mt Shasta Blvd. 530 926-3411 $115.00

Cold Creek Inn (North Shasta) 724 N Mt Shasta Blvd     530 926-9851 $109.00

Strawberry Valley Inn 1142 South Mt. Shasta Blvd.     530-926-2052 $150.00

Mount Shasta Restaurants »

Mount Shasta has a wide variety of quality restaurants from main stream offerings like most cities, organic vegetarian to Thai, Italian, Mexican, etc. You will find the perfect restaurant for your tastes.

Morning for quality coffee and tea:
Seven Sons: 1011 S Mt Shasta Blvd.      (530) 926-9701
Starbucks: 301 W Lake Street     (530) 573-5007

Some of Our Favorite Shasta Restaurants

Lilys: 1013 S Mt Shasta Blvd,      (530) 926-3372
Thrive: 315 Chestnut Street    (530) 918-3388
Black Bear Diner: 401 W Lake Street    (530) 926-4669
Bistro 107: 107 Chestnut Street    (530) 918-5353
Casa Ramos Mexican: 1136 S Mt Shasta Blvd;    (530) 926-0250
Andaman Thai Cuisine: 313 N Mt Shasta Blvd.    (530) 926-5288
Yaks Shack (walk up) 401 N Mt Shasta Blvd.    (530) 568-8121
Berryvale (Health Food Store): 305 S Mt Shasta Blvd,    (530) 926-1576

Included Meals: The retreat includes brunch on Saturday at Lilys. Lunch on Friday will be catered by Phuket Thai Cafe. We will choose our lunch on Thursday to be delivered to the top of the mountain in time for Friday lunch.
A variety of snacks, dark chocolate, and water will be available each day as we journey.

Getting Around Mount Shasta: Shasta is a smallish mountain community and you will discover that you can comfortably walk almost anywhere you wish to go.

Accessibility: Please be aware that some of the places we will visit, Plutos Cave and Ascension Rock have uneven terrain, getting to them. The climb down into Plutos Cave may be challenging to you. All the other places we will journey to are moderate walking trails that almost anyone can easily navigate. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Upon registering you will be added to our private Facebook group, Mount Shasta Sacred Waters, where we can answer any questions you have. We will also offer two separate free Zoom calls on June 15 and 29 to answer questions.

This will be a personalized experience with ample opportunity to work with Viivika & David in an intimate group setting.
It is our deep heart wish that you feel totally cared for at all times.
Mount Shasta and The Eden Template


On Sunday July 7th we will gather at Sission Meadows at 7:00 pm for a Meet and Greet and finalize any remaining items necessary to complete your registration.

Each day we will meet at Sisson Meadows promptly at 10:00 am and as a group journey to the day's destination
Sisson Meadows
Click for directions »

Day 1 Monday July 8:

Meet at Sisson Meadows (daily meeting place)
Journey to Gateway Peace Gardens for Opening Invocation
Gateway Peace Garden
Plutos Cave: Council Portal Connection, Connecting with Mother Earth, Sophianic Sound Activations Plutos Cave Unannounced Surprise

Day 2 Tuesday July 9
Meet at Sisson Meadows (daily meeting place)
Ascension Rock: Embodiment of the sacred heart, activation of your original heart tone.
Ascension Rock Lunch

Day 3 Wednesday July 10:
Meet at Sisson Meadows (daily meeting place)
Firewater Blessing: Drive to Stewart Springs for a Blessing to the holy waters in our body through the love language of the Holy Mother and mingling water from Chalice Well in Glastonbury which is the only other place known with both a red and a white stream of water (masculine and feminine).
We will also gather water from the springs to take to Glastonbury to take your personal blessing to Chalice Well.
You are urged to take water with you and commingle it in waters on your own journeys.
Stewart Hot Springs Lunch

Day 4 Thursday July 11
Meet at Sisson Meadows (daily meeting place)
Fairy Falls & Lake Siskiyou - Hedge Creek Fall: Sacred Rose water Rituals
Fairy Falls
Hedge Creek Falls Lunch in Dunsmuir or the historic McCloud Hotel.
Unannounced Surprise in the Evening

Day 5 Friday July 12
Meet at Sisson Meadows (daily meeting place)
Panther Meadows:: The spring at Panther Meadows is sacred to the First Nation Peoples here as it is the portal they came through when coming here.
Water Blessing: Dragon or rose breathing exercises Light water blessings Panther Meadows Spring Catered lunch on the mountain: Phuket Thai Cafe - Orders will be placed by Thursday »
Unannounced Surprise in the Evening

Day 6 Saturday July 13
Brunch at Lilys at 10:00 am » or Phuket Thai Cafe »
Phuket Thai Cafe
Closing Ceremony
Group Discussion - Integration

Mount Shasta and The Eden Template


David Maria is one of the must authentic and wise Beings I have met. His care for friends, students, humanity, and Gaia runs deep.

Some call him a “Great Seer,” others call him a “True Master........He is both!
Maureen Moss, Author, Consciousness Teacher

It's not often in life will you experience a David Maria. He is a compassionate and clear gentle soul. Recently I was fortunate to receive the Eden Template Activation. It's very difficult to describe what happened to me except to say that immediately during and after the transmission I returned to my heart and divine home., lost all fear of death, and watched my life patterns begin to melt away with the new light I received.
Ramsay Millar

David's warm, grounded, and calming energy creates a safe space to guide you through whatever needs to be discovered and released. I have never experienced past life work done in such a gentle and effective manner. I've seen for myself the deep and profound change these sessions can facilitate and I am truly grateful for his service.
Shelley Young, Trinity Esoterics

Your events are simply magnificent! With each powerful transmission, the Love Awakening to my Divinity as well as to every One is markedly recognizable and impossible to deny!

Hileah Reigh

I have been working with David Maria for a many moons.........and it has been the most transformative and deeply healing experience The Freedom from the Known classes proved to be a deep dive into not only my own ancestral clearing but also the of clearing all the ancestors of all my many life times on this planet. Wow what a ride it has been.

David provides the most supportive and safe non judgmental space to activate and celebrate all the various shadows and resistances to change.

I am deeply grateful of having Viivika in the group the last year and it truly expanded my capacity to hold light and release aeons of trauma and patterns that had held me for many years in a deep state of frustration..

Thank you, bless you, love you David. You have been a beautiful presence in my life. When my dog died this winter I truly understood the meaning of Freedom from the Known and in the last weeks I have moved to a new house and it is as if I walked into a completely new paradigm. My heart is happy in a way i never could have imagined. Thank you so much.

Sabrina Rowan Hamilton

Mount Shasta and The Eden Template

What to Bring

Clothing: Mount Shasta is high in elevation and even in summer the nights can be cool, especially on the mountain, so bring clothing layers so you're comfortable, including a light weight jacket and rain slicker in case it rains. A hat is always good to have if you're sensitive to strong sun.

Good Shoes: We will be hiking some days so bring comfortable sturdy shoes. Good tennis shoes will work just fine. You will not need hiking boots. The hikes will not be difficult and most will be short, yet you may wish to bring a walking stick with you.

Water bottle: Each day we can fill our water bottles with the purest water in North America. There always be plenty of cold drinking water with us in one of our vehicles.


Mount Shasta and The Eden Template


Your session had the greatest immediate and lasting impact on me that any session I have ever experienced with you. Virtually everything within and without has shifted, and I have only to 'think' the words 'Diamond DNA' and my whole inner self lights up, and I just smile. I had a marvelous, peaceful night's sleep and have been a different person all day today. It feels as if I'm really 'back', but in a happier, freer form than ever before.

The combination of David and Viivika is truly divinely inspired!!!
Dr. Bill Spady, Educator

I absolutely loved participating in the "Transformational Alchemy, Loving Yourself into Union" meditation. Life really is a Holy Game/hologram. Viivika and David your kind and gentle Spirit's are a soothing balm for my Soul. I am grateful beyond words for this gift that you offered to Humanity at this time of Mother Earth's ascension up the spiral of evolution. Thank you.

Love, Peace and Smiles,

What a great meditation! i literally smelled beautiful flowers during the session- especially with the light language- thank you Viivika. And David- when you said- may you find joy in the unknown- i almost cried because that is a rare feeling for me in the unknown. that is a beautiful intention and i warmly embrace it. I look forward to seeing how things unfold<

You two are wonderful- maybe ONEderful - since you are ONE.
Glenn Fisher

The class was so beautiful. The timing and rhythm to hear you both equally. the field is so wonderful, how the two of you are together. This space of love and balance. It is so healing to my inner female and male energy. I still feel it in my body especially on my weaker female side and at the same time I feel her empowerment and realize old patterns that I stop now especially in my closer relationships. I see in myself the polarity of power over and powerless...I see other polarities to. I see them so clearly and will bring them to zero. The transmission DNA, for me it felt as if I was waiting for that and before the transmission I thought, because you mentioned superpowers, " I want to talk with animals again." DNA still unfolding and a lot of realizations.!

Thank you my dear lovely friends.

When I think of you David and you walking your path now I put leaves of roses where you walk and when I think of Viivika I put leaves of roses where she walks. thank you from my heart. I m deeply humbled.
Elisabeth Leitner

Your union is pure beauty and joy to witness and be part of.

David you have become lighter, elevated and my soul glows when you allow your inner child to pop up and out to play. Your compassion is gentle and graceful.
Viivika your inner light, joy and pureness is medicine for my soul. The light language has profoundly affected me.

I became evoked the first time I heard the old language that stirred an awakening within me although I couldn't quite understand why at the time. This reached and touched me deeply.

I am excited for you both and us all, where this journey leads us back to who we truly are.

In loving honour and respect for the blessing that you both are.
Giselle Martin

Meet Your Hosts

David Maria

David MariaDavid is living proof that the most gifted seers are those who have lived the most tumultuous lives.

For decades, David struggled emotionally and financially as he worked to overcome the effects of the horrific abuse he experienced in childhood. His wealth of psychic gifts offered glimmers of hope and small breakthroughs that encouraged him. Unfortunately, addiction and toxicity pulled him back into the roiling waters of daily life.

While David always had lucid, prophetic dreams, he was surprised when, at the age of 72, he began dreaming of Africa. Those lucid dreams ignited his soul and set the stage for the incredible journey that continues to unfold today. In his dreams, David was being called by three elder African kings, including a Gikuyu tribal elder to Mount Kenya. While these dreams felt important and compelling, the finances and logistics required to embark on such a voyage seemed impossible. Against the odds, and through multiple miracles and prophetic dreams, in December of 2018, David made the pilgrimage to Mount Kenya for the annual prayer walk.

During the festivities, Samuel Kamitha, a senior tribal elder and spokesman for the Gikuyu, emerged from the crowd to introduce himself. David immediately recognized him as the man from his dreams. Turns out, Samuel is one of the twelve seers of Mount Kenya, and he was also dreaming of David. As he came forward, he said, “We have been waiting for you.”

After a series of initiations and energetic jolts that felt like lightning, The Eden Template had been transmitted to David. Once he experienced his own original soul blueprint and purpose through this powerful activation, he returned home to begin the work he came for.

After taking some much-needed time for clearing and integration, David began working with people to assist them in returning to their own original soul blueprint with The Eden Template. Through this transmission, David shares the primordial keys and codes of creation to each soul who receives it.  Free from the patterns of struggle, scarcity, unworthiness and fear, clients are finally able to experience a life of ease and flow. This enables each person who receives The Eden Template to embrace, just as David did in Kenya, the reason they are here. And the cycle continues.

Though David knows what it’s like to feel broken beyond measure, he also knows a far greater truth: “No matter how broken you think you are, you’re not.” It’s this profoundly healing promise that forms the core of David’s work.

Upon his return to Kenya in 2020, David was recognized by the Gikuyu elders as the 13th Seer of Mount Kenya and in 2022 he was inducted / initiated as an elder and the first ever 13th Seer in the Gikuyu society.

Along with his private one-on-one clients and group events, he is the creator of the Eden Template course: Freedom from the Known, and continues to offer classes and function as an embodiment guide and way shower.


Viivika Sophia

Viivika SophiaLike many light workers, Viivika was born into a family filled with drama and disharmony, which left deep wounds in her sensitive heart. Viivika was born as a highly sensitive empath and because of her very open body consciousness, she felt and experienced the feelings of others, different energies, the pain of others in her physical body, and also everything in the collective. She did not realize at the time that her strong empathy for all beings was due to a stronger connection with the heart of all Creation and the heart of the Cosmic Mother. The various traumas, guilt, and family programs that she received as baggage in her childhood greatly colored her view of the world and her vision of herself. She lived a large part of her life with fear and its shadow, suffering from anxiety disorders, severe depression, panic attacks, and social anxiety.

According to Viivika's soul plan, she sank deep into the web of oblivion, into the amnesia of human experience, and went through many sufferings. As a way shower, she did all this to show that even the most broken heart and wings can be healed through unconditional love. Viivika is a living example that even the deepest dramas, traumas, and programs can be transformed into unconditional love.

On December 27. 2018, she experienced a spontaneous full body Kundalini awakening at the exact same moment that David was initiated in Kenya. After this experience, she started getting different downloads, transmissions, and activations every night.

"My role is to be a Holy mirror. If you experience others through the prism of Holy love, others will also experience themselves as you experience them, as Holy love."

Viivika & David Are One Soul

After Viivika's full body kundalini awakening on December 27, 2018 at the exact same time that David was being initiated in Kenya, she felt the pull to find what at the time she did not know, she just knew that she had to search. So she began watching YouTube videos and all the while her High Self kept telling her not this, no, nope, zip, nada, until eventually she listened to an interview with Elizabeth Wood & David. Immediately upon hearing his voice and seeing him, she knew she loved him, and signed up for one of his classes.

Upon seeing her in the class for the first time, he knew he loved her, yet had no more information, just feeling such immense love. As we began to know each other one day she wrote that she was experiencing the transmissions for the meditations that come through him at the same moment that he received them, we discovered the greater truth of this, and that is simply that we are One Soul. As we continued to explore our history in this life, we realized that we had been tracking with each other since birth and that we experienced similar, if not identical, experiences.

Now that we know deeper who we are as One Soul, we are working together all the time sharing classes, meditations, light language, having new and deeper classes coming through, and we both look forward to sharing with you.

Viivika and David are One Soul

Mount Shasta and The Eden Template

Our Wonderful Assistants

Veruschka NormandeauWe are very fortunate to have procured the expertise of the wonderful Veruschka Normandeau for Concierge or Craft Service for the retreat. She has been curating retreats since 2008 in Shasta, Texas, Hawaii and internationally.

She has years of experience working with large production companies doing this work, being available and responsible to every person in the production, and will be available to each of you for almost anything you might need, while at the same time taking care of each day's needs for the group..

Veruschka is also a professional photographer and she will document the entire retreat in pictures which will be available to everyone..




StrongheartWe will also be joined by the incredible Strongheart Corazon who will be a part of the retreat and also offering her services during free time as a masseuses.

Strongheart is a transformational healer, psychic clairvoyant, an energy healer, and alchemizes her over 30 years of top spa massage experience with awakened spiritual gifts and healing abilities to support and guide individuals in clearing and releasing trauma held on a cellular level.

Endowed with innate healing abilities that significantly deepened after a profound awakening, she guides individuals on their healing and awakening journeys and is sought out for her unique gifts. Corazon has been clearing energies from locations and individuals for nearly six decades.

Scheduling a massage with Strongheart is not included as part of the retreat,

After registering both of our assistants phone numbers will be provided to you to contact them directly.

Mount Shasta and The Eden Template


DepositDeposit: $250.00 A non-refundable deposit is required by July 1, 2024, with the remaining funds are due by July 7, 2024.

Complete your registration
If you made a deposit,
click on the Donate button to complete your registration.

Register Full Retreat Fee: $555.00, includes Friday lunch at Panther Meadows and brunch on Saturday July 13th.

If for any reason the retreat is cancelled your deposit will be refunded.

This will be an intimate personalized experience with ample opportunity to work with Viivika and David in a group and one-on-one.

Your registration includes a post retreat half price session with Viivika and David!