One-on-One Private Sessions with Viivika & David Maria
Private Sessions, Light Language Sessions and Eden Template Classes

David Maria From a life path that included walking through dark abusive family miasms, I transformed / remembered myself into wholeness (with the immense help and support of innumerable friends and teachers) and continue to walk the path of embodiment. In 2018 stepped fully into my destiny while attending the annual prayer walk circumambulating Mount Kenya and of course, as it is for all of us, it took me completely by surprise and was not what I expected.

Walking the path now means that everything that I thought about who I was is being stripped away, until in it's rawness, there is no longer any point of separate identity left anymore, and what is left is an unimaginable joy, and peace that is beyond comprehension.

Now every moment is an adventure in consciousness and discovery and continuing clearing any ghost remnants of old programming that remain, and discovering new ways to be of service to everyone.

A one-on-one session might include, yet certainly not limited to, working with and removing entities, implants, personal, genetic or racial, multi-lifetime miasms and distortions or trauma (whether from this or other lifetimes). It could be all of the aforementioned and it's always unique to you and what you are calling forth for us to work with together.

Viivika Kalma Light Language Session

One on One Light Language Sessions with Viivika.

Through my new partnership with Viivika,you can book one-on-one Light Language sessions.

"The energies that Viivika transmits come from outside this Universe, they come from the heart of all creation. The language I speak can also be called the language of light, because it is light, but because the language of light is such a general concept and includes energies channeled from very different levels of consciousness. These sounds and words are the original codes of creation, they come from the Higher Heart, and they can also be called Source Heart tones, or original sounds.

When our Higher Heart is connected to the Higher Mind and the Throat Chakra becomes the center of the Source frequency, our original heart tone is restored and this allows us to transmit the Source heart tones. These are actually sounded sounds or frequencies that my throat chakra then transforms into frequencies acceptable to the human ear and human body. These sounds, tones, words are different crystal codes or key codes that open portals both inside and outside, activate our original blueprints, genetic codes and DNA."

Please know that receiving an Eden Template session, or a Light Language session with Viivika Kalma may bring up any of your belief systems, and challange you to move through them into Beingness, and clear you of any hindrances on your spiritual journey. This can be challenging, so please check with yourself that you are ready, and willing to work with whatever arises.

Eden Template Activation - Level II The Eden Template Month Long One-on-One Master Level Personal Session

As we continue to journey through an area of space our planet has never moved through before, that is filled with high-frequency photons while our sun is still building to solar maximum, and we're being stretched electrically and magnetically, we're being asked, pushed, forced to stretch and grow on all levels while shedding all of our conditioning, you, like me, might feel a bit discombobulated, this is an inevitable process of growth that all of us are experiencing.

This is what the Master Level training is designed for, to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance over a month to go deeper and deeper into freeing ourselves from all of our conditioning, rewire, reframe, reimagine our conscious and subconscious thinking, and remember who we are.

Over the course of your month long journey, you will receive four (4) personal sessions spaced a week apart, combined with unlimited access to me by text and email.* And there is no subject or question that is off limits.

The personal sessions will be via Zoom or phone.

We are each beautiful prisms of Diamond light, radiating out through the lens of our facets. This is the time when we can wipe those lenses clean in order that the undistorted light of our soul's blueprint can finally shine through.

David Maria is a unique gift that unleashes the parts of you that are ready to be active and integrated in your life. Our blind spots are called that for a reason, because we can't see them and when I'm guided to move beyond anything that's in the way, I call David for assistance, because he sees, what I am unable to see myself. This may sound simple, yet it is an incredibly profound gift that he brings through for everyone he works with.

No matter your unique experience, you will be different. You will respond to life differently. The world changes when we do. Book when you're ready to be Free.

Wanda Vatile, The Empowered Empaths

David gently holds a compassionate space during a personal session for you to examine anything that feels out of alignment. He skillfully guides you through a process, and while this may not easy or effortless, you feel safe, knowing that he provides a supportive, very loving presence for you as you bring unloved, unseen parts of yourself to the light to be accepted and integrated. There is the feeling of time suspended as you move through releasing old wounding, some you weren't even aware of. Yet things shift remarkably quickly. You leave the session feeling so much lighter, and deeply at peace.

Lori K.

I was in the midst of a major Life-Reinvention. And I knew that what was impeding, the radical transformation that I was aiming for...was a huge, ancient blockage.

David Maria very quickly guided me to detect:
~ What exactly it was (the nature of this blockage)
~ Where it was located (in my throat)
~ Which was its origin (many scenes from this and past lives ran through my memory) and
~ What was the effect that this blockage excreted in limiting my fullest life's expression.

With this important awareness, David masterfully guided me through a shamanic process to totally dissolve this blockage. It is gone for good! I am free forever! And I am sooo grateful to David Maria for guiding me in this huge, game-changer liberation! Gracias!

Dr. Amore Vera Aida, Mount Shasta, CA

* Obviously I won't be responding to inquiries while sleeping.

It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.

Zoom Conference Call: The energy exchange is $1,500.00.

Payment plans are available.


One-on-One Session - Soul Template Alignment

Schedule a private one-on-one session releasing trauma and distortion in your field.

Energy Exchange: $222.00


Package of Three Sessions

Purchase 3 private one-on-one sessions and receive a 22% discount.

Energy Exchange: $586.00


Package of Five Sessions

Purchase 4 private one-on-one sessions and receive a 5th session as a gift.

Energy Exchange: $888.00


Viivika Kalma Light Language Session
One on One Light Language Session with Viivika.

All sessions are 1 hours in length and are scheduled in Central European Time (CET). UTC +1

Click here to convert your time.

Energy Exchange: $175.00


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