Work With David Maria

David Maria From a life path that included walking through some of the darkest abusive family miasms imaginable, I transformed / remembered myself into wholeness (with the immense help and support of innumerable friends and teachers) and continued to walk the path of embodiment. In 2018 walked fully into my destiny while attending the annual prayer walk circumambulating Mount Kenya and of course, as it is for all of us, it took me completely by surprise and was not what I expected.

Walking the path now means that everything that I thought about who I am is being stripped away, until in it's rawness, there is no longer any point of separate identity left anymore, and what is left is unimaginable joy.

Now every moment is an adventure in consciousness and discovery and continuing clearing any ghost remnants of old programming that remain and discovering new ways to be of service to everyone.

Part of what happens through me in sessions with individuals or groups, as I connect with another, I function as a pristine container that allows others to heal on their own from trauma or distortion, whether physical, emotional or energetic, from this or other lives, and frozen, trapped and/or distorted energies may surface, to be fully felt and released.

A one-on-one session might include, yet certainly not limited to, working with and removing entities, implants, personal, genetic or racial, multi-lifetime miasms and distortions or trauma (whether from this or other lifetimes). It could be all of the aforementioned and it's always unique to you and what you are calling forth for us to work with together.

No matter if it's a one-on-one session or an Eden Template activation, or speaking to your group or organization, the energy that comes through is always of The Eden Template.

Please know that receiving The Eden Template activation will bring up any of your belief systems you have to examine and will challenge you to move through them into Beingness and clear you of any hindrances on your spiritual journey. This can be challenging to so please check with yourself that you are ready and willing to work with whatever arises.

One-on-One Session - Soul Template Alignment

Schedule a private one-on-one session where together we work with something you wish to work on.
The energy exchange for an hour session is $77.00 through our self isolation.


One on One session with David Maria

One-on-One Session - Package of Three (3)

Purchase a package of three (3) sessions, saving you $50.
Energy Exchange: $475.00

One-on-One Session - Package of Five (5)

Purchase a package of five (5) sessions, saving you $75.
Energy Exchange: $800.00.

Private Eden Template Activation

The Eden Template activation to reconnect to your original Soul Template is available in a series of private sessions. The transmission is always expanding in the depth and breadth of it's scope and currently the transmission consists of three phases or segments spaced around month apart and each session has a follow-up session a week later. The activation will be recorded and provided to you to review if you wish.

Energy Exchange: $333.00.

Private Eden Template Activation

Group Eden Template Activation

Periodically I offer the Eden Template activation in a group setting online via Zoom. Group sessions are normally offered once a month, yet it can fluctuate and if you with, you are also welcome to put a group together and I will handle the tech. A group session is available as just the initial transmission with a follow up check-in session a week later. If the group wishes to continue and receive the additional sessions, the energy exchange will be $55.00 for each of the additional sessions.
The activation will be recorded and provided to you to review if you wish. I look forward to joining with you.

Energy Exchange: $55.00.

Private Eden Template Activation

Conscious Dreaming *

As a Dreamwalker I offer conscious dreaming where you provide a few questions you're looking for answers to and I dream answers for you.

Energy Exchange: $555.00

* There are times when a question is asked and it's not time for the person to receive the information, and in that event no dream will present itself. If that happens then the full price will be refunded to you.

Conscious Dreaming with David Maria

Make a Donation

If you've benefited from The Eden Template and would like to support the service I offer to all of life, please feel free to make a donation. Every donation is received deeply with gratitude from my Soul and prayers are sent to you on your personal journey.

Speak to Your Organization, Group or Event *

I am always delighted to speak with your group, company or organization. Sharing with others is one of the great joys of my life. Please contact me to discuss the details. If you're interested in organizing or hosting an event with me I would love to hear from you.