Payment Plans & Scholarships

Tree of LifeEveryone knows that we are in amplified times, and that sometimes we all need a little help, and that can include asking for a payment plan or a scholarship to attend one of The Eden Template classes or courses.

The moment you commit to attending a class, the energy of it immediately begins to work in you, because I also commit to you, and the energy of the class begins to work with you. As such, there is a large exchange of energy that flows between us, before, during and after a class, which is why I ask for an energy exchange with you.

It always feels better when there is a balanced exchange between us, so it is not just me giving to you. It is you sharing equally with me in a balanced way.

As all abundance, including money, is just energy, our exchange doesn't have to just be money. If you find yourself in a position where you are financially challenged, I offer both payment plans and partial scholarships.

To set up a payment plan for any of my offerings, just contact me and together we will create a plan that works for both of us.

If you need a partial scholarship, please know that you will need to still pay the full price of the class and we will co-create an exchange that feels right to both of us.