One-on-One Private Sessions with Viivika Sophia & David Maria

Viivika & David

A one-on-one session with Viivika and David might include, yet certainly not limited to, working with and removing entities, implants, personal, genetic or racial, multi-lifetime miasms and distortions or trauma (whether from this or other lifetimes). It could be all of the aforementioned and it's always unique to you and what you are calling forth for us to work with together

When Viivika & David work together, it more than doubles the energetic effect of the session .

Because of the time differences between Viivika and David (9 hours) all sessions with the two of us will only happen between 8-9am Pacific or 4-5 p, CET. Please make sure you understand the time when selecting your appointment time, which should be 9:00 am Pacific on the calender, even though the appointment will be at a different time, and confirm this by email from our contact page.

Sessions can be Recorded for Replay!

Please know that receiving an Eden Template session, or a Light Language session with Viivika may bring up all of your belief systems, and challange you to move through them into Beingness, and clear you of any hindrances on your spiritual journey. This may be challenging, so please check with yourself that you are ready, and willing to work with whatever arises.

One-on-One Session - with Viivika Sophia & David Maria

Schedule a private one-on-one session releasing trauma and distortion in your field.

Energy Exchange: $222.00


Speak to Your Organization, Group or Event

We are always delighted to speak with your group, company or organization. Sharing with others is one of the great joys of my life. Please contact me to discuss the details. If you're interested in organizing or hosting an event with me I would love to hear from you.