City of Light

Soul Family

Most of us don't awaken in a vacuum all by ourself. We are all connected and others always come forward during our journey of awakening to provide assistance and guidance just when we need it.

I love and honor my greater family of teachers and wayshowers who are walking with us.

Feel free to check out their web sites and see if you resonate working with them.

Wanda Vitalie - VitalenLIGHTenment

Theresa Lutennegger - Poem of Atoms

Beth Kuria - Quantum Hypnotherapist (QHHT Practictioner)

Althea Provost - Althea's Heart

Sandra Walter - Ascension Guide

Paige Hall - Co-Creating a New Earth

Shelly Young - Trinity Esoterics

Samual Kamitha and Gikuyu Civilization