About The Eden Template

David Maria I have been an energetic intuitive all of my life, yet for most of it I did not truly know what that meant nor how to effectively use the ability in service to myself or others. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, pre-cognitive, a Dream Walker and I AM able to do multi-dimensional dreaming for myself and others and the collective. Seen through the the lens of the heart, this enables me to look into the depths of the multiverse and receive information. As the embodiment process continues to integrate within me, I have discovered I AM a conscious channel for a collective within the I AM Monadic Presence

The Eden Template came into my life beginning in the spring of 2018 when I began dreaming of being in Africa and Mount Kenya and having conversations with Beth Kuria and Theresa Luttenegger. Theresa and I felt the pull to Africa for most of 2018 and as more awareness arose in us, we received additional inner guidance and lucid dreams, including one of meeting three African kings in Kenya and being asked to come to Africa.

Many dreams, visions and revelations later we knew we were going to participate in the annual Prayer Vigil that circumambulates around Mount Kenya every December 27th. Yet even with all the prior knowing, we couldn't have imagined what would happen and how we would be transformed..

The original crystalline energy grid created at the birth of Gaia, named The Eden Template, was sealed when antiquity was young to prevent its energetic misuse. A later partial manifestation of that original grid was what we know today as Atlantis, and again access to it was sealed away from humanity, especially the master crystal which was sealed dimensionally in Mount Kenya in what is referred to as the Ark of the Covenant. Along with other sacred artifacts, this knowledge has always been protected and guarded by the twelve seerer / shaman of the Gikyuyu people.

EdenThe master crystal is actually a diamond star and is the genesis of the creation energy of we refer to as the Garden of Eden. Unsealing of this crystal and reawakening the ancient grid was the reason we were called to Mount Kenya. Many others knew of this calling and participated energetically. While circumambulating Mount Kenya the seals on the diamond star crystal were unlocked, and it fully awoke and began streaming its energies out onto the world. Since Mount Kenya is the location of the original Garden of Eden on earth, the seals were broken and the original ancient grid was awakened, yet with an entirely a new energy, the new frequencies coming to earth now to assist all of us in our awakening.

As the Eden Star woke, not only was the ancient grid activated, connections were made to all of the large mountains around the world, especially Mount Shasta, in Shasta, California, as they all contain their own Eden Stars and as the grid stabilized there are many many "sub-station" crystals that are coming on line to amplify the entire grid. Possibly you'll be the one chosen to assist in activating them.

The Eden Template is not just a template for the Garden of Eden on earth, it is the original template / blueprint for the creation of all Souls and all of creation, no matter how large or small, whether it be a flower or a galaxy, the energy is only one of scale, it is the Template of creation itself.. When the Template is awakened, integrated and stabilized in your heart, you become firmly anchored in the energy of creation and it lives in you as you and radiates out from you to all of life. In essence, once the Eden Template is fully active within you you integrate your original Soul Template / Blueprint at the moment of it's creation.

I freely offer the activation to anyone who wishes to receive it, both online in a group setting and in one-on-one sessions. If you wish to have me speak to your group / organization / company, I AM always available to do so so please contact me for more information.

In Light and Service to All.