Autumnal Equinox Retreat
Glastonbury, England
September 16-21, 2024

Join Viivika Sophia and David Maria in beautiful Glastonbury, England

Sacred Waters with Mount Shasta and Chalice Well
Hieros Gamos ~ A New Template for Being

Join us to feel your deepest truths and connect deeper into your heart.

Chalice Well
Water is Life!

During this retreat we will perform a Holy Grail ceremony at the Chalice Well, sealing the new Holy Alliance with the Holy Fire Water Element and the Holy Water of Mount Shasta. We also merge with the Royal Gold element of the Christ bloodline, activating the new Rose Gold element in our blood and planetary veins. The Holy Grail of Christ's Blood, The Golden Chalice is the Golden Heart that circulates God's Holy Blood to Creation, The Christ Bloodline.

Crystal waters, also known as Amrita, are the eternal living waters from the original creation. They contain the combined elements of eternal fire and water. They heal our diamond heart and diamond sun body. In addition, the spiritual blood of Christos flows through these waters from the fountain of eternal life and youth.

Through ancient alchemy, the blood is transmuted, which turns the iron-based hemoglobin blood cells into a crystalline gold flow, and the new rose codes transform it into a diamond rose gold flow. This is how our breath becomes the breath of Source, our pulse beats in the same rhythm as all creation, and our heart is the heart of Source.

As our bloodstream merges with Gaia's Crystalline Waters, it carries new crystalline gold plasma, the purest life force, throughout our body and planetary body. We can also call it the blood of Christ. The crystal water that infuses the fire water activates and protects the blood of Christ and its living alchemy of light, healing and renewing our physical and spiritual bodies, and the planetary body.

This alchemical process is also symbolically called the substance of the philosopher's stone and is associated with the Elixir, the Holy Grail, Eternal Life, Divinity, and the Christ. The elixir of the ancient alchemists claimed the same ability to bring perfection to any substance in matter. If this alchemical process has taken place perfectly in the human body, then the human body, the elixir cures diseases, returns youth and restores balance with nature and Mother Earth. The highest emanation of this Elixir is the Purest Divine love of the Mother's Holy Spirit, the Chalice returning to the earth during the Ascension cycle.

Join Viivika Sophia and David Maria in beautiful Glastonbury, England for the Autumnal Equinox, September 16-21, 2024.

Celebrating the merging of our inner and outer feminine and masculine and connecting the Sacred Waters of Mount Shasta and Chalice Well in Glastonbury, deepening the embodiment of the Diamond Rose Heart as our inner feminine and masculine fully merge iSn us., and the embodiment of a new template for being in Hieros Gamos ~ A New Sacred Marriage within ourselves.

As Above, So Below As Within, So Without

Each day will be filled with joyful ceremony, great food, and ever deeping Soul connections as we journey deeper in our ascension embodiment.

Chalice Well art by Angie Latham